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MLB Betting Options in 2022


We got what you need to know about MLB betting options.

Key Points

Ė Among MLB betting options in 2022, betting the Under has been profitable thus far.

Ė MLB bettors should not forget the futures market.

MLB Betting Options

Baseball is here in 2022 and bettors should be looking for advantages early this season. There are certainly many MLB betting options in 2022. Which is the best?

That depends upon a few factors, including the betting style of the individual bettor as well as what is trending in MLB.

Here is what you may find among the MLB betting options in 2022.

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Early Unders

Of the first 170 games played in 2022, 102 games saw the total go Under. Thatís 60 percent of games going Under. Betting MLB totals are streaky winners.

There are likely a couple reasons why including pitching velocity and expanded rosters. The average four-seam fastball is currently clocking 93.7 mpg, a record for this part of the season. Typically, fastball velocity will reach a peak during the summer.

Another reason is teams are able to carry more pitchers. As a result, starters are going through a lineup twice instead of three and four times before giving way to a fresh reliever.

Hitters gain an advantage on pitchers in the middle innings. That advantage has been negated by teams bringing in a fresh arm in the fourth, fifth, or sixth inning.

When Betting Unders

In looking to bet the Under in a game, it pays to look at two things when studying baseball odds. The pitching matchup and the wind.

When two Cy Young caliber pitchers face off, typically the game will have a low total - 7 or 7.5 - to begin with. These types of pitchers can usually go a little deeper in a game - 7 or 8 innings - and they usually have very low ERAs.

Wind is also a huge factor. When winds blow in toward home plate at speeds of even just 5 mph or higher, the Under hits in MLB games nearly 54 percent of the time.

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MLB Betting Options - Futures

The World Series futures market is open and the Dodgers are, of course, the favorite at your offshore sportsbook. Remember, they were the favorite a year ago until eventual champion Atlanta beat them in the NLCS.

Donít forget the AL and NL pennant market as well as the division winners market. Pay attention as the season rolls on.

Remember, a year ago, Atlanta wasnít even† a .500 baseball team at the All-Star break.

Divisional Underdogs

One strategy that MLB bettors can put into play in 2022 is tracking divisional underdogs. MLB teams play members of their division 19 teams each season. That breeds some familiarity between the two teams.

That gives a bit of an advantage to the underdog. Underdogs in division games win at a much higher clip than underdogs in non-division games. Plus, the betting public typically puts too much emphasis on home teams thereby giving road underdogs an advantage.

Games with higher totals are also a target because oddsmakers are expecting more runs from the underdog. The road divisional underdog in a game with a high total (8.5 or higher) is always worth a look.

These are just some of the many MLB betting options to think about in 2022.

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