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Real Bookie Group Pay Per Head Live Dealer Casino

The tremendous strides that online technology has made in just the past 10 years alone has been phenomenal. Mobile online applications have been the driving force in recent years along with the continued improvement of the actual handheld devices used to access these online apps.

The gaming industry has been on the forefront of this technological revolution and it continues to expand any remaining boundaries through innovative game design. Todayís online games for real money gambling have broken down the barriers in the rapidly changing casino gambling industry.

Insider Sports Report: Real Bookie Pay Per Head Group Continues to Raise the Bar

Todayís online gaming applications have closed what used to be a rather significant gap between land-based casino gambling and online gambling sites. While the attraction of Las Vegas as a travel destination still exists, players are starting to realize that they can enjoy the thrill and excitement of casino gambling through a desktop, laptop and mobile gaming platform.

Casino Gambling & Pay Per Head Bookie Software

The top pay per head sites in the online sports betting industry such as the Real Bookie Group realized years back the potential that online casino gambling would bring to the table for their private bookie agents.

If random gaming software companies could develop the right software solutions to run an online casino site, experts in the field of online sports betting could produce an even better version of this casino gambling software and bundle it into their pay per head sports betting software solutions package.

The sports betting calendar is filled with ebbs and flows from the crazy excitement of a new NFL season to a general slowdown in the summer months. Online casino software solutions have the potential to provide an added revenue stream that can generate bottom-line profit on a year-round basis.

Real Bookie Groupís Live Dealer Casino

Gamblers love to test their luck on slot machines as the biggest draw for any casino; land-based or online. Revenue generated from slots, video poker and other electronic table games still accounts for the majority of the money that any casino takes in.

Why Use Pay Per Head Bookie Software?

That being said, avid gamblers and savvy players are always looking for the best edge against the house. They still gravitate towards popular table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Craps and Baccarat to add a touch of skill to the equation. There are electronic table games for each of these popular choices, but the thrill of live play remains the top attraction at a land-based casino venue.

As a natural progression of their online casino software application for virtual casino games, the Real Bookie Group focused their effort on developing a gaming software application that could mirror the excitement of live table games.

As part of the low weekly price per head fee a private bookie is already paying for each of their active betting customers, the capability of offering live-dealer table games as been added to the mix. If someone is going to run a full-service online bookmaking operation for sports, horse racing and casino gambling, live table play for games such as Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette need to be part of the total package.

The player experience at a live dealer casino is the closest thing to playing a hand of blackjack or baccarat at any land-based casino table. The spin of the roulette ball by an actual dealer online immediately closes the gap with any dealer doing the exact same thing in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

The bottom line for any private bookmaker is making enough net profit to meet and hopefully exceed their revenue goals. The Real Bookie Groupís live dealer casino is just another great example of how this pay per head bookie software provider stays ahead of the competition in the ultra-competitive online sports betting industry.

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