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Winning Big, or Hardly Winning? - Get in the Winning Ways with a Great Handicapper


The 2018 football season has either been a cash cow or it’s been a bust, hopefully for you, it has been a huge moneymaker. There have certainly been more than a few great games this year and you can absolutely count on more from where that came from.


RDG Corp – A Leader in Sportsbook and Per Head Industry


The first thing that you must evaluate now that the season is three weeks old-- is your online bookie situation. How are your sportsbooks stacking up, are they making the grade so far? Take a quick look at what you should be expecting in a fantastic sportsbook.


Are you getting a free payout every week? If not, why not? You should be with bookies that pay out at least once a week, and free of charge. If you do not have a bookie that offers this, then find one right away and save yourself a lot of money in fees and most definitely save yourself peace of mind. When you win, you want paid.


What about customer service, are they fulfilling their promises? Do they have a toll free number that you can call from the USA, and do they speak English? Are they happy to speak with you or does is seem like a hassle for them? Do they cater to American players?


Lines and odds; are they competitive? Are they right there with the competition and even beating them? Lines and odds are one of the most important aspects of what your sports betting site does for you. They are either robbing you, or saving you, which is it?


Sports: Do they have all of the sports that every great book offers? What about Rugby, what about Lacrosse, there are many other sports besides baseball and football. Be sure to find a bookmaker that gives you these options.


Wagering options: During this time of year, you are looking for many great wagering options such as reverse action, “if bets”, live wagering and dynamic live wagering. What about teasers and super teasers and what about the payouts on those teasers, are you getting the best deal? What about round robins and buying points? You must have all of these options available to you. You will want then at some point and sooner than later, you will certainly be glad that you played these options.


Contests and bonuses: are they offering great ones and are some of them free, with real cash offerings? Bonuses should be working for you. Use them and you can win a lot of money.


Handicapping: It’s your bread and butter when it comes to winning football. There is simply no other way to win. You must handicap the games that you bet on or you are dead in the water. Example: This past weekend Clemson played Georgia Southern, Clemson went off the board as 33 point favorites. Most folks thought this was an easy cover, the final score was Clemson 38, Georgia Southern 7. It was a big win, but they didn’t cover. Alabama @ Ole Miss… Alabama went off the board as a 21.5 point favorite, most folks thought Ole Miss would hang around and make this a respectable game. The final score was Alabama 62, ole Miss 7! Alabama buried them and this game was never in doubt from start to finish.


Best Free Picks - Handicappers Pick Services - Find several and Use them as Much as Possible


How would you have known what to bet on either team had you not handicapped? You must handicap and know what teams are capable of before plunking down your hard earned money.


Find a great handicapping website and utilize their services. These guys do this for a living, they are pros at knowing teams and knowing who will cover and who won’t.


Bet33 - Betting NFL Money lines at Online Sportsbooks


Stop “winging” it, this is the worst thing you can do and you will want to quit gambling altogether. Find a handicapper and a game advising website and let them help you. Sports forums are also a great place to find insider tips and learn about teams and their capabilities.


Your season will be a smashing success if you either spend countless hours handicapping the games yourself or finding a great group of handicappers that you can trust. It’s your money, make the most of it this season.

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