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Yankees vs Athletics | Handicapping the Matchup


The Yankees are on a roll and in baseball, momentum means everything. In football, it means nothing, in basketball, it means very little but in baseball, you must follow trends. You must follow the latest happenings of the game and what specific-teams are doing to win or lose. The A’s are also playing very well and both teams come into tonight’s games with near identical records. Both have been hot to end the season and both have outstanding regular season records to have finished as the Wild Card teams. The way this season worked out in both the AL East and West was nothing less than an astounding season from the Red Sox as well as the Astros. Who would have ever predicted that the Yankees would finish the season with 100 wins but fail to win the division? The A’s followed up with 97 wins of their own.


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The Oakland A’s:

This is a pitching project by committee and anytime that normal is put aside, bettors tend to run the other direction. The A’s have used this strategy often over the course of this season and it has largely worked. The problem from a betting standpoint is this; it not normal to do what the A’s are doing. Yes, it has worked to a degree but then at the same time, it really hasn’t worked. The A’s went 4-5 in September employing this strategy, however, they did have an overall ERA of 1.86. That’s outstanding over 9 games and even more outstanding considering they lost 5 of those games. So, what does this tell us? It tells us that pitching by committee had been stellar. The idea has worked because the pitchers that have been used, they have stepped up and fulfilled their roll in a 1 and 2 inning situation.


The pitching is one thing if it works, however, it’s a bit of a risk in a one game playoff. The hitting had better come through, it had better be stellar tonight or the A’s are in trouble against Severino.


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The Yankees:

Luis Severino is 19-8 for the season and went 5-6 after the All-Star break! That’s how good he was. He started the season at 14-2 and was on pace to set a Yankees pitching record but fell short. Severino has been outstanding over the last two regular seasons but not that amazing in the playoffs, going 1-1 in four starts. This can work for Severino if he clears his head and takes it one inning at a time. He is no doubt the best pitcher in the building tonight and he absolutely can shut the door on the A’s hitting.


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Severino tends to let “the moment” get the best of him. He must settle in and let this Yankees lineup do the work. This Yankees team set an all-time record for regular season home runs with 267. This lineup can be the best it’s been for the Yankees since 1998! It’s that good.


The A’s are a mystery and to most bettors, the value is on “the known”. There is simply no value in “Tim Tebow”! Tonight, the A’s send their version of “Tim Tebow” to the mound. Liam Hendricks will get the start. Hendricks was given this roll on eight different occasions this season and he finished with an 0-1 record. This record can’t be looked at when betting, it simply can’t be. Hendricks went one inning on September 4th against the Yankees, giving up no hits and no runs on 11 pitches—the A’s went on to lose the game, 5-1.


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Prediction: Yankees have a mean lineup with a new murders row and there has been a different hero nightly. There is something about a “must win” situation in the Bronx. Tonight, should be no different with the ace, Luis Severino on the mound. The A’s strategy worked some of the time but it would be a tall order to expect it to work this evening. Stay with the trend, stay with momentum. The Yankees win this baseball game.

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